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Self running Championship up and running click the link, at the mo its only for Elasto Mania but if i get enough levels i will start one for Action Supercross... So come and have ago if you think your hard enough...


New member on this site here to help keep this site updated with skins and levels...... I want to run a league table for the best self running level CLICK HERE for example ( only runs in Elasto Mania ) and rules anyone interested click my logo to mail their level to me...


First update in a very long time! A skin has been added check it out right now!! Remember to check out PFS it really works, I've gotten a check for 40 bucks!!


Two new levels up check them out at levels section, hope you'll like em'. I've changed the colors on the page, I think these are a lot nicer, especially on the level pages tables, check it out and give me your thoughts if you want too, have missed the world cup levels lately so no res updated there.. This is the first update of 2000!


New level up, mixedup.. A weird one. Try it out, make some cool tricks and don't forget to find the inner level, which you can't get out of, hehe.. I haven't got any skins up yet, but as soon as I find the skins I have made, or if I make some new, I'll upload them.. I've also made a zip containing all levels on the page, can be downloaded at the levels page. That's it for now.


*** Fixed suprizin.lev (The start position was wrong) *** Sorry for not updating for a while.. but here are some levels for you all!! Check levels section for three new levels. Also don't miss this new getpaid-to-surf company. They pay for december about .55 dollars per hour. You can browse 75 hours per month, so you can earn about 40 dollars just for your own surfing, refer som friemds, you get 10% of their income, and they are fully paid also. You can refer in 7 levels!!

17/11-99 17/11-99

New design! I hope you like it. Iv'e made frames instead, this version works better with Netscape. I still haven't been able to break the timelimit for wc7, my rec is 43.35, but I think I can make it pretty easy, not by many seconds but it doesn't seem too hard though.. Please give me your thoughts about the site, is this better than before? Does it work for everyone, I need feedback!
15/11-99 15/11-99

New level uploded, it's my first try for a flippertabel, I got the start kinda like I wanted but I don't know about th rest I'm defenatly going to maka another flipper, better than thisone, cause I like the Idea. The wc2k has been updated my record for 7:th is 51.28 s. I will try to make it better during the week, there seems to be quite many ways to chose from!! Wonder which is the best... I wonder why noone sign up for the get paid to surf program, are already all of you members, It think it's a great way to make money since you'r surfing anyway.
8/11-99 8/11-99

I just found a cool program which many of you probably already have found. I visited Team Elites homepage and found a program for Across which is kinda like ndskin, but it can change textures, food, killers and even sounds so you can create completly new "themes" as they'r called. If you visit this page Team Elite you can find some themes for download. The programs homepage is A patcher's homepage These links can also be founded in links section. I'm defnatly going to like this program!!
5/11-99 5/11-99

The level called Abstract Tricker is now uploaded, I suggest you give it a try. The worldcup isn't going to good for me.. No points yet.. I haven't got any level mailed from anyone since the page started. Doesn't anyone have level to give?? I think soon, when I get more levels done, I'll start sorting them by category, nice eh? Good luck in the wc2k!!
23/10-99 23/10-99

New level again, this time it's called lines, try it out.
19/10-99 19/10-99

A new level is also now up, Cryptic Castle, in ddl section.
The records has been updated again, but they still suck... I also would like to say that I've uploaded a very funny advertise from swedish televsion called ipren den intelligenta värktabletten. Download it now Ipren It's great. Also, remeber to check this site, they give you money if you surf the web, and yes it is true!!!
8/10-99 8/10-99

I've updated the recs page with my records from the worldcup 2000, if you want to enter the contest, just visit PeXis Across page, which can be found in the links section, and download the wc levels. Some new levels and skins will soon be uploaded. Happy Acrossing!
2/10-99 2/10-99

First day up! Hope you like the page and it's content, I've gone for a easy fast layout, maybe it'll change in the future.
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