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Levelname and download: Screenshot: Description and grade: Size:
Timewarp You start in a timemachine and warp in time!  There are two ways to start out from, find the one you like most, like the timemachine, 3/5 maybe a little too long. 8 Kb
Suprizin  The name says it, this is a suprizin level, has the best suprising stuff of all the levels on the page.. This is a good one, 4 points of 5. 6 Kb
Longjump   Make the longjump, pass the loop and everuthing else, then go back. I think this one is quite hard, but try it out.. Not fun to play many times, 3 of 5 points. 2 Kb
Bridges  (new since last update) Jump between bridges! Tight jumps and big pressure,  it gets 4 points out of 5 possible. 6 Kb
Maxpress  (new since last update) This is a fun one. There are some surprizes in this one, I think you'll notice what I mean.. 4/5 points. 4 Kb