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Levelname and download: Screenshot: Description and grade: Size:
All levels (updated) All these levels in on zip file 86 Kb
Mixedup A weird level drive around and you'll fin a secreat area which is impossible to get out of once in, I think.. 8 Kb
Mixskttr A mixed level with skate, trial and speed. Not to hard but most levels on this page are easy, but I think that can be fun too. 3 points of 5. 6 Kb
Gxskt32i A very easy level. You can find out many ways to do tricks on this page, there aren't many apples so you can go diffrent ways to the flower. 2 points of 5. 2 Kb
Complex0 Cool level with surprises. It has some things that you probably wont be prepared for, and maybe not pass the first try, but if you do it's great. 3 points of 5. 10 Kb
Bounce n Flip This level starts out with a stair, but then it goes from there to much else. It uses your speed to make you jump, flip and bounce. 4 points of 5. 5 Kb
Cryptic Castle I love that name... This is kinda a crytpic castle, but don't just play to get all apples or get a good time, feel the bounce and tric!! U can do alot. 4 points of 5 and a extra .5 for the name... 6 Kb
Lines A level built with half loops tight jumps and fast moves. I think you'll like this one. 3.5 points, a bit too easy, but yet sooo fun!! 9 Kb
Flipper1 My first try for a Flippertable... It's not so long, just a try, but it can be fun, 3/5 points. 7 Kb
Abstract Tricker This level is mostly for tricking, going back and find fat trick times in the ramps, it's great for what it's med for. Yet another 4 of 5 pionter.. 7 Kb